Training Initiatives

Einzigartig Infonet BPO has undertaken 2 training initiatives To maintain a productive workforce we invest in training and development by training employees for their current jobs and to prepare them for future skills and responsibilities. These initiatives are Maharashtra State Skill Development Society (MSSDS) & Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar Research & Training Institute (BARTI).

Maharashtra State Skill Development Society (MSSDS) is the nodal agency for implementing all skill development related programs in the state. The State of Maharashtra has a target of skilling 4.5 crore people by 2022 in various skills so that their employ-ability is raised. All the Skill Development schemes of various departments of Government of Maharashtra will be integrated and implemented through the active coordination under the single umbrella of this society.

Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar Research & Training Institute (BARTI), Pune is an autonomous institute of Govt. of Maharashtra, in the Department of Social Justice and Special Assistance. BARTI undertook various welfare projects for the socially disadvantaged sections of the society. BARTI started implementing Skill Development programs across the state aiming the SC unemployed candidates to make them more competent, confident and help them to seek employment in industries /sectors. The purpose of this program is to  provide employment to improve livelihood of youth belonging to SC category.



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