Industries Served

Einzigartig Infonet BPO Services has working with different industries. We strive to procure excellence through innovation and apply our expertise to each and every client/project we proudly serve and represent.We have vast experience in providing: inbound/outbound call center services, business process outsourcing, other services for clients involved in finance, insurance,telecom, retail, healthcare, and others. 


We have served the following industries:


Health Care


Improved closing ratios of sales,increased customer retention, satisfaction and overall experience by implementing a first-rate quality customer care team with our Q/A protocol.



Banking and Finance


Helping our clients to gain their competitive edge by introducing streamlined and proven cost reduction strategies that are expertly implemented and executed, without comprising quality of product and or service being offered.




We’ve handled transactions of all sizes, safely and securely while vastly improving the turnaround time.




Our unique first-contact approach works to drastically improve customer satisfaction and retention.  Our change-management process empowers us to manage any telecom related account,while ensuring that key industry changes are identified and adhered to.




We increase your customer loyalty through excellence of execution and, expertly trained team of caring customer service representatives.




We know where to place your products and within what niches to generation key, targeted sales by positioning products in the right places and at the right time.